About me

Hi, I am Oscar. A ten year old book lover and story writer in the making.
Born in Munich, I spent most of my life in the German capital Berlin.

I read a lot – basically every free minute I have. Sometimes even those minutes I am supposed to do something else.

Most of the time I read fiction books but I also read non-fiction books about aviation, nature, the universe, famous people, technical stuff…

I started this blog to share my thoughts on some of the books I read and to motivate other kids to read, too. It is so much fun and you learn something new with about every book you read!

Maybe some of my friends will support me and send me their book reviews, too.

My parents and I moved to Texas recently so most of the books I read are in English but some of the reviews will be in German as well.

You should know that English is my second language and not my mother tongue. So appologies in advance if I don’t get grammar or spelling quite right.

Have fun!