Birthday Mom by Oscar

A little boy wanted to do something special big for his mum’s birthday. Why did the boy want to get a big and special present for his mum? Well here are some of the reasons:
She’s lovely and super nice. She drives her son to school almost every day (and picks him up as well). Always makes him yummy snacks and arranges great trips all around the world.

His first idea was to arrange a big birthday party. Now what would such a party look like?
Good music with a DJ, good food and drinks (and lots of it), best in the night with cool lighting. Of course all of our closest friends were there. Many presents, a birthday cake, a happy birthday kid – everyone has fun!

But unfortunately, because of the pandemic he couldn’t throw a big party.

So what to do? What would his mom like instead?
Maybe… books? A house at the beach? (That is an idea daddy needs to fix)
A hat for the holidays?

Then in the end he decided to give his mom something more important:

Love, Thankfulness and Hugs!

With that they went to the beach to celebrate!

Happy Birthday Mum!
Your Oscar

4 thoughts on “Birthday Mom by Oscar

  1. Mein lieber Oscar-Schatz. Herzlichen Dank für diese tolle Geschichte. Das war das beste Geburtstagsgeschenk EVER. Liebe Dich zum Mond und zurück ❤️.

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