Review: Restart by Gordon Korman

And the winner is: Restart got the most votes out of my book shop mega sale pile and as promissed – here is the review. Before I forget, thanks for participating and helping me pick a book. It always means so much to me if you guys like what I do and give me some feedback.

Now let’s get started:

The main character in this book is Chase Ambrose. He falls off his roof and suffers a memory loss. When he wakes up in hospital he can’t remember who he was anymore. Everyone has their side of Chase. When he goes back to school kids react very differently to his return. For some he is a bully. To others, like Kimberly who is secretly in love with Chase, he is a whole different person. Whom to believe? Who was he before the accident and who will he become once his memory comes back?

How did I like the book?
I loved the book because people stood up for Chase. Also the moral of the story is to give everyone a second chance even the people who are bystanders and disruptors. People can change. Even real bullys. Don’t give up on them!

Who is that book for?
kids 8 years and older

Rating: 9/10

Going Crazy in a Book Shop Reloaded – Please Vote for your Favorite!

I went to my favorite book shop last weekend just to find out out they were closing down soon. This makes me so sad!!! The good thing though was, that every single book in the shop was on sale. So my parents bought me like a thousand and gazillion new reads.

This came just in time for my 3 months summer break. Loads of time for reading, right?

Now it is your turn, which books would you like me to write a review about? Please vote!

Here is the little overview of my new treasures:

The Next Great Paulie Fink” by Ali Benjamin
Who will be the next evil genius trouble maker and trickster in Michtells? A contest will show…

“Clean Getaway” by Nic Stone
A boy and his grandmother escape and make a tour with his grandmothers brand-new camper. I know exactly who will vote for this one 😉.

“Restart” by Gordon Korman
When the boy in the book finds himself in hospital, he is surprised. Later the doctors tell him that he fell of his house’s roof and lost his memory. Everyone had their own story of him before the fall. Who can he believe, who can he trust?

“Middle School – Master of Disaster” by James Patterson
This books combines all favorite characters from James Patterson in one story. Rafe Khatchadorian, Max Einstein, Jamie Grimm, Jacky Ha-Ha, Pottymouth and Stoopod and the Kidds. They all have to work together to save the day.

“Unschooled” by Allan Woodrow
There is a competition and the class that wins gets a mysterious prize. Will dirty tricks help to succeed?

“Best nerds ever” by James Patterson
A boy gets chased by a van and falls off a cliff. He dies but his spirit is still alive, like a ghost version of himself. He is invisible to the others and no one can hear him.

“The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies
One brother and his sister make a contest on who makes the most money in four days by selling lemonade in their front yard. But then it shoots out of hand and they play dirty tricks on each other to win.

“The Last Last-Day-of-Summer” by Lamar Giles
An evil genius tries to freeze time forever and he almost succeeds but luckily Sheed and Otto save the day by making him disappear.

“The Last Mirror on the Left” by Lamar Giles
Another adventure of Otto and Sheed. They have to go into another dimension to capture the fugitive prisoner.

“Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus” by Dusti Bowling
13 year old Aven was born without arms but that hasn’t stopped her from doing almost anything. Her life takes a turn when her family moves to Arizona. She struggles making new friends but things change when she meets Connor.

“The Doughnut Fix” by Jessie Janowitz
Hobby baker Tristan’s life takes a turn when his parents decide to move to a little town. Can he discover a secret doughnut recipe and bake his way out of boredom?

“Stamped” by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi
This book explains where racism comes from and how it impacts our life today.

“As brave as you” by Jason Reynolds
This is a story about two brothers who have to spend their summer holidays with their grandparents in rural Virginia. Certainly not what they expected…

“The Lion of Mars” by Jennifer L. Holm
Bell is a kid who grew up on Mars. When a virus breaks out and all adults get sick, it is up to Bell to save his family.

“Shine” by J.J. and Chris Grabenstein
Piper finds herself at an exclusive school where everyone around her is best in something. Clearly she she doesn’t fit in. Can she find a way to step out and shine?

“Saving Mr. Terrupt (Book 3)”, Rob Buyea
I loved book 1 and 2 of the Mr Terrupt series. The kids are now entering their first year of junior high and miss their favourite teacher. When they turn to him for help because of a fight, they see that Mr. Terrupt needs saving this time.

“Save me a seat” by Gita Varadarjana
Joe and Ravi don’t have much in common but the same enemy. Will they become friends despite cultural difference and what can they do against the class bully?

“Lu” by Jason Reynolds
This is the fourth and last of Jason Reynolds track series. I loved the first 3 books “Ghost”, “Patina” and “Sunny”.

“A Year Down Under” by Richard Peck
Mary Alice is about to spend another summer with her eccentric grandma in a sleepy Illinois town. Hard to predict how life with grandma turns out…

“The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole” by Michelle Cuevas
Stella Rodriguez finds herself with an unusual new pet in her house. She names the black hole Larry. When Larry swallows something precious Stellar must embark on an interstellar adventure to get it back.

“The Third Mushroom” by Jennifer L. Holm
Ellie’s grandpa is a world-renowned scientist – only that he is in the body of a fourteen-year-old boy. When they team up for the science fair, no one realizes just how groundbreaking their experiment will be.

“The First Rule of Punk” by Celia C. Perez
On her first day at the new school Malu upsets the queen bee, violates the dress code and disappoints her mom. Soon she starts a band and fight the anti-punk school administration.

Flight – The Complete History of Aviation by R. G. Grant

“Maxis’s Secrets: (Or, What You Can Learn from a Dog)” by Lynn Plourde
New school, a rough time, a deaf dog and a blind neighbor. THis book shows that there is more to everyone than the surface shows.

And don’t forget to get your votes in!!!

Own story: New Beginnings by Oscar

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had to move all across the big blue ocean to start a new chapter of his exciting life. He didn’t ask for it. He was very happy at the place he lived before but the boy was still little and he had to live where his parents wanted him to.

As the little boy was an explorer by heart and he also loved to fly, he didn’t mind moving. Actually he was very excited. The one thing that he was worried about was that he had to go to a new school. He loved his old school, his teachers and of course his friends. Will he find new friends? Will the new teacher be nice as well? What if he just doesn’t fit in?

Then the big day arrived! He flew with a plane for 11 hours. The boy loved every single minute of it. Secretly he had wished for an A380, his favourite plane, but the 747 was nice, too.

When they came to their new house, they started unpacking right away. Texas looked promising. Sunshine, warm weather, a pool in the backyard. The boy liked what he saw.

The next day he went to his new school. He was quite a bit nervous. He had to adapt to a lot. New routines, new classmates and new teachers. The first few days he felt a little lost and homesick but that luckily changed. After a while his new school felt like a second home to him. Most of the kids were so nice and made him instantly feel welcome. The little boy also loved his two new teachers. They teach in a way that you can follow along and get work done but also have fun. And both of them were exceptional nice and kind people. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. He was very thankful that the class included him in everything they did. The boy had many friends back at his old place, but he also started making friends in his new home.

And what’s the moral of story? Don’t be afraid to let things go and start something new. It might just be awesome.

This story is dedicated to my two awesome new teachers. Thank you for your support and making me feel welcome. So good to have you!

Review: Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White

One day Fern woke up and rushed downstairs. When she didn’t see her dad she asked her mother were he could be. Her mom explained that during the night some pigs had been born and that one of them was too small and weak so they decided to kill it. Fern was outraged. She ran outside just before it was too late and tried to convince her dad that she could take care of the little one and keep it alive. Fern’s Dad eventually agreed. Fern named the little pig Wilbur. Two month later Wilbur found a new home at her uncle’s farm.

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Review: Auggie & Me – Three Wonder Stories by R.J. Palacio

Remember “Wonder”? Certainly one of my favorite books of all time. Well, the book got a sequel. “Auggie & Me – Three Wonder Stories” tells three different sites of this story from kids that are all close to Auggie in some way.

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Review: 5,000 AWESOME FACTS (About Everything)2 by National Geographic

Did you know that there is a CRATER on the surface of Mercury that’s big enough to hold the state of Texas? Or how about this: if you stay at the Jule’s undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida you will SCUBA DIVE to your room! How cool is that? I have one more for you: male pandas do a HANDSTAND while peeing to mark trees.

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Review: Milo Moss Is Officially Un-Amazing by Lauren Allbright

Why would you have a paper towel tower in your livingroom? Dozens of paper planes trying desperate to get the longest throw? Or dress up as a cockroach in the middle of a stadium? Well, Milo and his parents did all of that because it was the family’s dream to get a Guinness World Record. Unfortunately every time they tried, they failed. Is there an award for the most failures? If so, Milo’s family would definitely win this one.

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Review: The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman

It is poetry month in the US, so I thought I could make a review about a special poem from Amanda Gorman.
I got “THE HILL WE CLIMB” from the Easter bunny.
Amanda Gorman became the youngest inaugural poet ever. She performed her poem at the inauguration of Joe Bidden earlier this year. I really liked the poem so I definitely wanted to share this little book with you.

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Review: Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan

Did you know that a Norwegian gold treasure once got rescued by a bunch of kids from the Nazis during World War II? True story! We read “Snow Treasure” at school and I was very impressed how brave and smart Peter Lundstrom and his friends helped to make it happen.

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Review: Die unlangweiligste Schule der Welt – Geisterstunde – von Sabrina J. Kirschner

Kennt ihr schon den gemeinen Schulleiter Horst Schnittlich, den Erfinder des „Schnittlichen Schulregulariums“? Vielleicht die langweilige Lehrerin Frau Penne oder Maxe Zack mit seinem Labrador Makkaroni? Der mutige Klassenrebell wehrt sich zusammen mit Klassengenie Frieda gegen Direktor Schnittlichs üble Machenschaften. Und dann ist da ja auch noch Inspektor Rumpus von der BFLB, der Behörde für Langeweilebekämpfung…

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Review: The Matchstick Castle by Keir Graff

Boring, Illinois. Brian can definitely think of a better way to spend his holidays. He couldn’t stay at home as his scientist dad got stationed at the North Pole. So Brian had to go to uncle Gary’s house, because he was the only one who had the time to take care of him over the summer.

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Birthday Mom by Oscar

A little boy wanted to do something special big for his mum’s birthday. Why did the boy want to get a big and special present for his mum? Well here are some of the reasons:
She’s lovely and super nice. She drives her son to school almost every day (and picks him up as well). Always makes him yummy snacks and arranges great trips all around the world.

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Survival Camp in Dallas – my take on the winter storm

What do you think Weather is like in Texas? Warm, sunny, palm trees. You think so? I thought so, too. Can you imagine icy roads with 2 inches of snow? Well that is exactly what happened a few weeks ago.

There were accidents all over the city! That’s because in Texans they don’t have winter tires on their cars and also the city doesn’t clear most of the roads with snow ploughs or salt. One day there were 120 accidents in Dallas!!! Even our school had to switch to online learning as it was too dangerous for our parents to drive us. And it was sooooo cold. One day, the temperatures dropped to 3.2°F (-16C) which was the coldest temperature in Dallas in over 100 years.

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