Own story: Anton the blue whale written by Oscar

Anton the blue whale was playing around with his friends at a cliff far out from the coast of South Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. Anton was a teenage whale, born on the 21st July in 2011 close to the Equator in the southern hemisphere. Unlike other blue whales, Anton doesn’t like to keep by himself . He loves to be with friends

Today they were celebrating – like every month – the “I – don’t – know – why – party”: because Anton likes parties so much, he had once the idea that they don’t need a reason to celebrate. Apart from Anton there were Max the whale shark, Xam the Jellyfish and Timo the turtle.

Anton was by far the biggest in the group. He was in fact really big – 30 m long and 130.000 kg heavy. With a powerful tale, huge flippers and a small dorsal fin. In fact, Anton’s species were the largest animals that have ever lived on Earth.

The friends have known each other  for quite a while as they all go to the same school in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the deep blue sea, far away from any land.

When the party was just at its best point, they suddenly saw something strange shimmering at the surface. Of course they had a look and they found a little aquarium floating in the water.

Inside the aquarium were 5 gupys and 5 goldfishes and they were screaming for help. “Wait a moment, I am coming” said Max. He pushed the aquarium to his friends. “What is that glassy thingy?” Anton asked. “Oh, that thing is an aquarium” one of the gupys said. “What is an aquarium?” Max asked. “People keep us inside this thing to stare at us.” Answered another gupy. “But we can’t live in salty water” added one of the goldfishes. “That is why we screamed for help. We need to get back to land”.

“But how did you get here?” Xam wanted to know.

“Oh, that is a long story”, one of the goldfishes explained. “We have enough time.” Anton said.

With a sigh a gupy started to explain: “We used to live in a very pretty family house in Cape Town on a shelf in the office. The family wanted to leave their house, to spend some time in their holiday home in Hermanus – but of course they wont leave without us. So they booked a transport company and put our aquarium onto a van. The van took a nice road just next to the ocean. Suddenly it started spinning, the door opened and we fell of the van and slid right into the ocean. Like a miracle our aquarium and we all survived. And here we are.”

“But how can we help you?” Timo asked. “Can you push us on land on your backs?” one of the goldfishes asked.

Then Anton said “I need to talk to my friends about that.” And so the friends discussed what to do. After a few minutes they said: “Ok. The aquarium can ride on our backs.”

All the gupys and goldfishes screamed together. “Problem solved! Thank you, thank you!”

“When can we start?” Timo said. “NOW” all the aquarium fish said again.

Meanwhile the van arrived at the holiday house. When the van came to deliver their precious aquarium they noticed that it went missing. They were looking  everywhere.

The 4 friends and the aquarium made the way to Hermanus. Anton, Max and Timo took turns and Xam played the GPS. They moved along nicely and a couple of hours later they saw the coast. When they arrived it was Timo’s job to get the aquarium on land.

The family was also looking at the beach. And what a surprise! They saw a turtle crawling out of the water and on their back were their beloved fishes!

5 thoughts on “Own story: Anton the blue whale written by Oscar

  1. What a beautiful story about friendship! I am seeing Dylan tonight and I will give it to him to read!
    Keep it up 🙂


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