Own story: Leo, Barnaby and the Aliens written by Oscar

200 years from now…

„10 minutes to landing!“ The Aliens were excited! It has been a long trip. They came from a far away galaxy and travelled 1 month with super hyper speed, which is far faster than light speed.

Their mission was to convince people to be vegetarian and to be kind to the environment. They wanted to warn humans as they destroyed their own planet and wanted to warn the people so that this wouldn’t happen to earth as well.

The aliens were shape shifter. They could change in everything they wanted. But most of time they looked like some sort of brown knid.

“Attention, attention we are landing  in the United States of America.” All Aliens came to take a look. There were flying cars, skyscrapers so big like mount Everest, green parks. In short – beautiful.

They landed on the Dallas International Airport. Right in the middle of the runway.

The Alien-Spaceship looked very similar to our spaceship.

Immediately the tower alarmed the army and the police and they positioned themselves in front of the alien’s space ship. “Give yourself up!” The police screamed. The door opened and out stepped the aliens. The crowd gasped. “Lock them up!” The head of the army yelled. “But we didn’t…”, the aliens tried to explain. “Shut up!” The army boss screamed, almost exploding of anger.

The poor aliens found themselves in prison. “What are we going to do?” The aliens asked each other. Then after a bit of thinking on alien came up with an idea. He exclaimed: “We can form shift into slime and escape through the cell door. And so they escaped without any further problems.

Meanwhile somewhere else the two teenage friends Leo and Barnaby were in the backyard of Leo’s house. They were making a plan on how to catch the aliens. The news was out fast that the aliens escaped.

“Yes, I got it!” Barnaby was excited. “Be quiet”, whispered Leo. “Barnaby, they can be everywhere!”

“Calm down’ Barnaby said to Leo. “No, I can’t calm down, when thousands of aliens are sitting on my tail.” Leo replied. “ Ts, ts, ts,… We don’t have tails Leo”, said Barnaby. “Yeah right, but you know what I mean”, said Leo.

Barnaby was quite an inventor. He was a pro in programming anything you can imagine. His latest idea was an alien radar device that can find aliens everywhere. “Are you sure that your radar works?” Leo asked. “Sure! It is called ARD –Alien Radar Device. Let’s go and find them!”

As Barnaby was such a great inventor, he invented the “Fliwatüt” – a car that can fly and also swim. Barnaby and Leo were flying around looking for aliens with the help of their ARD. Eventually they found them and parked their Fliwatüt not far away. Luckily Barnaby had another invention that looked like a vacuum cleaner that could soak up the aliens and trap them. They made it!

When they were on their way to swap the aliens for a big reward, they suddenly heard a loud “Wait”. “What is?” Leo asked. “We don’t want to hurt human beings. In fact we want to save you because we destroyed our own planet and we see that this is happening to your Earth as well. But instead of listening to us you think bad of us and put as way in prison. This is not very nice,” the aliens said.

“Oh so sorry to hear that. We need to find out more”. And so the aliens told them all about how important it is to be nice to the environment and help nature to recover. “When we didn’t live, dragonflies were up to 2 meters and now they are tiny and almost extinct.” The aliens added.

Leo and Barnaby were so angry. The aliens were right. They need to help and save the planet.

They went and talked to the major and explained that the aliens came with good intentions. The major listened to them and boom the aliens were the new stars of town. They started the AEC, the Alien Environmental Club and launched projects helping to save the planet and to explain to humans how they have to change. Of course Leo and Barnaby became members of the club!

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