Own story: Another World written by Oscar

This story I also wrote during my creative writing course last school year. After the feedback from my teacher I revised the story twice and tried to add more details to the characters. Hope you like it.
And here we go…

Like every Friday Amy and Leo were playing tennis. “Yes! I won! No, we won! Because we both had so much fun” Amy yelled. “Thank you sis!” Leo answered.

Amy and Leo were 10 year old twins. They looked very much the same, quite tall, blue eyes but Amy’s hair were brown and long and Leo’s was blonde and shortish. They lived in a very big house in Texas not far from Dallas. They were very lucky. They even had their own tennis court and everything else you need for a good live.

 “I don’t wanna play tennis anymore” said Amy. “Let’s go in the woods instead”. “Ok, so what are we waiting for” Leo replied and off they walked.

They walked to a nearby forrest, which was very big and dark but the weather was sunny, with no clouds in the sky.

“I want to swim” said Leo. “That’s a super doper nooper idea!” And so they went swimming.

After a while Amy and Leo had enough of swimming. They both wanted to climb a tree instead. So they walked on until they found a perfect tree with huge branches. It was so high that you could not see the top. “That’s the one!” Amy decided. And so they started climbing.

When they climbed about half way they saw a yellow treehouse. The house was sitting on a thick branch and looked like a normal house, just with six walls and a bit smaller. It looked like someone was at home. Who might be living here? They knocked on the door and the door was opened from a rabbit. His fur was orange and he was wearing blue jeans and a green pullover. Actually he looked like a normal person.

“Come in” he welcomed them. So Amy and Leo entered the treehouse. The walls of the house were white and black and a grandfather’s clock was standing in one corner.  “Can I offer you to eat or to drink?” the rabbit asked. “Can we have cake?” Amy responded. So the rabbit gave them toffee muffins and when they finished eating they started to climb the tree again. “I may see you later” the rabbit called after them.

At last they were at the top. But then Leo noticed a ladder. “Hey Amy, it looks like there is a ladder! And there is a round thingy in the air.” “What is there?” Amy asked. “Let’s go and check.” Leo suggested.  They climbed the ladder and the round thingy was actually a new world. What a surprise!

“Look! There is an entrance. I am going in!” and so Leo went in. Amy screamed: “Wait for me!” and so they both went into the new world.

When they had a look around they cried for joy. Almost everything was made out of sweets. They saw colourful lollipop flowers and sugar trees.  Rivers carried hot chocolate and the houses were made out of ginger bread and marzipan. Pancakes were lying on the streets and the clouds were pure cotton candy. All you needed to do was hold up your hand and wait for the next cloud to grab.

There were also all sorts of animals, but they weren’t out of sweets. Leo and Amy spotted koalas, kangaroos, dogs, cats, horses, pigs, tigers, leopards, lions, elephants, zebras and many more. It looked like the animals also lived from the sweets. What a great life!

“That’s so cool!” Leo said.

While Amy and Leo were playing and eating they didn’t notice that the hole into their own world was slowly closing behind their backs.

Suddenly the earth started shaking. Leo and Amy screamed at the same time “We are locked in the new world!!! We should have known. It is Friday the 13th!”

“How will we come back now?” Amy asked. “Maybe we have super powers in that new world”, she joked. “So what are we waiting for then?” Leo answered. “I want to fly” said Amy and after she said “fly” she lifted off the ground “Help! What am I doing in the air?” she shouted. “Get up, Leo. You have to try that, too. This is so much fun.”

When they were both in the air Leo said: “Maybe we can also tell animals what they have to do.” “Like what?” Amy asked. “To help us escape out of the new world! Maybe they can shove open the hole again?” Leo suggested.

“I think we might only need one animal to help us” Amy suggested. But she couldn’t stop Leo anymore.

“Build a circle” Leo told the animals “and open the entrance!”

All animals around them came and formed a circle. With all their strength they tried to make a hole into the ground and open the entrance but they could not open up the hole anymore.

“It doesn’t work” Amy noticed. “I need a rest” Amy and Leo said at the same time. So they sat down and ate one of the delicious blue flowers. When they were finished Amy had a new idea: “Maybe we can make a bomb that destroys a bit of the ground and opens up the hole again.”

“But how should we make a bomb?” asked Leo. “I don’t know. First I need some sleep.” Amy replied. “Good idea. I think I also need sleep”. And so they slept and slept…until something made a strange sound. When they opened up their eyes they saw the rabbit from the treehouse.

“I am going to give you a little bomb” boomed the rabbit. “Thank you Mr. Rabbit” the twins replied. And after the rabbit gave them the bomb he disappeared into thin air. 

“Lets’s try it!” Amy whispered. So they made a fire to lite up the bomb. “Now throw the it as far as you can, Amy!” Leo said. He knew that Amy was the better thrower. Amy threw far and when the bomb exploded the ground shock but the entrance remained closed again.

The two siblings were disappointed but they didn’t give up. “I have an idea! Sugar dissolves in water.” Said Amy. “But I don’t see any water here” Leo mentioned. “Look again carefully”! And then he saw it. There was a water bottle just behind them under a tree. “The rabbit must have dropped it.” Amy thought out loud.

They grabbed the bottle and the water splashed out onto the ground. And all of a sudden the sugar melted and the whole they created was just big enough for the two to get through.

After they climbed back into their own world the hole closed again. “Puh. That was an adventure” Leo shouted. They climbed to the bottom of the tree. Not without stopping at the treehouse. But it was empty. No rabbit. Leo and Amy left a note for their little friend: “Thank you. We will be back, soon”. And so they were. Every week after tennis they visited the new world but never without a fresh bottle of water.

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