Own story: The earthquake that changed my life by Oscar

This story is for my favorite teacher. Friday was my last day at my old school and so I wrote a story to thank her for being the worlds best teacher ever. And here it goes:

One morning I woke up and ate my breakfast. We always had our radio on when we ate.

Suddenly the radio blurted out a message that changed my family’s life forever: “In a couple of days there is a big earthquake coming to California. We warn you to leave your house with all your belongings in about 3 DAYS.” I was so shocked that my cutlery fell to the floor.

After that my mom and dad were in a very bad mood. My dad and mom had to organise everything for us. We started packing right away.  When we were finished, we had to leave our lovely house in Riverside near Los Angeles. “That’s going to be the last time we are going to see our house, I think.” Tears rolled down my cheek as we drove in a renting van because of the furniture. This is turning out to be the worst day ever. When we came back after the earthquake our house was totally damaged and the only choice we had was to leave for good.

My parents rented a new house far away and that was in New Mexico.

As we got to our new home, we got a bigger garden than at our old home and our house was bigger, too. Mom and Dad still were able to work for their old company. But best thing was that I had much more friends and they comforted me whenever I was crying about the horrible day I had experienced. But I was never going to forget our old home.

This stories moral is to thank god for whatever we get like: friends, house, food water and live.

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