Review: Time Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford

Normally you would think that a time travelling machine was like a really big rocket. But it isn’t.  It’s really small. In fact it is a laptop and a tin.

Al gets a letter for his 12th birthday from his dad, who had died 3 years ago.  He had an accident with his go-kart at the age of 12. He then got a piece of metal in his nose and after all those years it went into his brain so he died.
The letter included instructions how Al can travel back in time to save his dad!
Al was so happy and excited that he started to follow the instructions right away but not without the help of his little hamster friend Alan Shearer.

Do you think he was able to save his dad? You should read and find out!

How did I like the book?
Sometimes it was a bit sad but it was also happy.  Al didn’t give up hope and tried every bit he could do to rescue his dad.

Who is this book for?
I would say this story is for kids 9 years and older.                  

Rating: 9/10

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