Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs

Chaos in the FunJungle Zoo. Henry the Hippopotamus was assassinated! He was floating belly up in his pool. How could that happen? Who did it?

FunJungle in Texas is the biggest Zoo of the world and it is owned by J.J. McCracken. He build it for his daughter Summer because he always says “yes” to everything his daughter wants. Otherwise he is a tough businessman and super rich.

Teddy Fitzroy is Summer’s friend. He is a 12-year-old boy who has lived almost his entire life in the jungle of Africa. His parents work at the Zoo. Teddy is always in trouble as he just loves playing tricks at other people. Of course it doesn’t take long and he is a suspect in Henry’s murder. Teddy and Summer don’t give up. They want to find out the truth behind the Hippo’s death. Even if they can’t expect any help from the adults.

How did I like the book?
I liked the book a lot because it was great fun to read and also a bit exciting. I also liked how Teddy and Summer treated animals with respect.

Who is this book for?
I would recommend this book for kids 9+.

Rating: 10/10

Special Note: This book review is dedicated to Trixi. It was her choice from my book shopping post a few weeks ago. Thanks for following my blog Trixi!

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