History research: World War II and the persecution of jews

In light of Veterans Day we talked about World War II and how the Nazis killed so many jewish people at school.  This made me very sad and I thought it would be a good idea to do some additional research on that topic.

Together with my mum I went online and gathered information about Hitler, the Nazis and how it came that millions of innocent people lost their lives. Most of the information I found is from “Geolino” a German magazine for kids but I also used other kids research sources such as ‘logo!’, ‘klexikon’ or ‘learnattack’. To be honest, not all of the words you gonna read are exactly written by myself. Some of it I simply translated and copied but I also added things and put it in perspective. I know that some of you might think this is not an easy topic but it is important to know what happened. It kept me thinking all week and I wanted to share this with you.

Adolph Hitler was Born in Austria. He was unable to study and didn’t find any job there. So he went to Germany and when the first world war broke out he went to the army and became a soldier. After the long war he left the army and became member in a small organization that disliked the Jews and supposedly wanted the best for their own people. He grew this organization and called it “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” – short for”Nazis”.
In 1923 he tried unsuccessfully to become the ruler of Germany by force. For this he had to go to prison for a while.

From 1930 more and more Germans voted for his party. At that time, the economy was in great trouble and many people were unemployed. In addition, Hitler managed to get some important politicians to trust him. He promised to get people new jobs and to improve the economic and social situation for the workers. In 1933 he became Reichskanzler. In a short time he managed to destroy German democracy.

After Germany lost World War I, Adolf Hitler was very convinced that Germany was being treated unfairly by the victors. Hitler blamed the Jews for the economic problems above. He claimed that they had conspired against Germany together with other countries. That was of course complete nonsense. But from his sick point of view that gave him the right to fight the Jews. But others were also persecuted. Like the Jews, they were supposed to be eliminated according to the sick logic of the National Socialists under Adolf Hitler.

With the attack on Poland in September 1939, Adolf Hitler also triggered World War II. A total of 55 million people from many countries died in the six years of the war.

Adolf Hitler was an autocratic and power-obsessed contemptor and mass murderer. He wanted to be the sole ruler over all people and to shape and rule the whole world according to his own ideas. The people in “his” world should think, feel, act, believe and look exactly as he imagined. However, many millions of women, men and children did not meet his standards. Therefore he had them persecuted, tortured and gassed or otherwise murdered. Most of the victims were Jews. Auschwitz is one of many places where Jews were killed, using gas “showers”.

After the Nazis losing the war Hitler shot himself at the age of 56 in 1945.

In our everyday life we can hardly imagine how Adolf Hitler was able to cause such a catastrophe – and why no one stopped him. Some people tried. There even was an assasination attempt that failed. But Hitler was as brutal and cruel to his “own” people that were against him as he was to his enemies. There are always people who don’t think enough or who, out of fear, do whatever is asked of them. And unfortunately there are always people who think and act like Adolf Hitler.
In Germany it is forbidden by law to spread any ideas that are linked to Nazi’s or Hitler’s theory. There are many monuments and places that remind people constantly of what happened to make sure we never forget. The picture above shows for example the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin (my hometown). It sits right in the center of Berlin, next to the Brandenburg gate and is dedicated to all the murdered Jews during World War 2.

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