Own story: New Beginnings by Oscar

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had to move all across the big blue ocean to start a new chapter of his exciting life. He didn’t ask for it. He was very happy at the place he lived before but the boy was still little and he had to live where his parents wanted him to.

As the little boy was an explorer by heart and he also loved to fly, he didn’t mind moving. Actually he was very excited. The one thing that he was worried about was that he had to go to a new school. He loved his old school, his teachers and of course his friends. Will he find new friends? Will the new teacher be nice as well? What if he just doesn’t fit in?

Then the big day arrived! He flew with a plane for 11 hours. The boy loved every single minute of it. Secretly he had wished for an A380, his favourite plane, but the 747 was nice, too.

When they came to their new house, they started unpacking right away. Texas looked promising. Sunshine, warm weather, a pool in the backyard. The boy liked what he saw.

The next day he went to his new school. He was quite a bit nervous. He had to adapt to a lot. New routines, new classmates and new teachers. The first few days he felt a little lost and homesick but that luckily changed. After a while his new school felt like a second home to him. Most of the kids were so nice and made him instantly feel welcome. The little boy also loved his two new teachers. They teach in a way that you can follow along and get work done but also have fun. And both of them were exceptional nice and kind people. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. He was very thankful that the class included him in everything they did. The boy had many friends back at his old place, but he also started making friends in his new home.

And what’s the moral of story? Don’t be afraid to let things go and start something new. It might just be awesome.

This story is dedicated to my two awesome new teachers. Thank you for your support and making me feel welcome. So good to have you!

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