Review: Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White

One day Fern woke up and rushed downstairs. When she didn’t see her dad she asked her mother were he could be. Her mom explained that during the night some pigs had been born and that one of them was too small and weak so they decided to kill it. Fern was outraged. She ran outside just before it was too late and tried to convince her dad that she could take care of the little one and keep it alive. Fern’s Dad eventually agreed. Fern named the little pig Wilbur. Two month later Wilbur found a new home at her uncle’s farm.

Wilbur liked his new home and became best friends with Charlotte the spider. But then Wilbur’s life was in danger…
You will have to read this lovely book to find out how Charlotte managed to save her friend and why he eventually became famous.

This book is all about friendship and kindness but also about saying good bye and letting go. We actually read it in school. I have to give credit to my awesome Literature teacher who always chooses great books for us and also to my friend Joe who helped me putting this review together.

How did I like the book?
I loved the book because it was all about kindness and teamwork.

Who is that book for?
I would recommend this book for kids 7 years and older.

Rating: 10/10

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