Review: The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters

People – this is a MUST read!!! As you know me, I get excited with new books. So when I got my hands on a book which is only supposed to come out towards the end of January, I was thrilled to give it a try. “The Unforgettable Logan Foster” is beyond awesome. It indeed is the best book I’ve ever read so far!!! Funny, sad, thrilling, exciting, adventurous and dangerous – it has it all.

What is the story about?
This story is about Logan Foster who is an orphan since he got lost at Los Angeles International airport when he was three. All attempts to find Logan’s family failed and so he ended up in an orphanage.
He has a photographic memory which freaked out his foster parents and so Logan always ended up back at the orphanage after a few weeks. This is until Margie and Gil adopted him. His first week in his new home was pretty cool because his foster parents letting him do anything he wanted. But after a few days weird things happened, for example one evening when Margie accidentally touched the oven and she didn’t scream or seem hurt but her skin turned to metal. When Logan wandered into his parents’ bedroom he looked into their closet. What he found made him shiver: Gil’s clothes seemed not to have been moved for ages, there is dust all over.
It turned out his new parents are superhumans with secret identities: Margie is an alien from outer space and Gil happened to be made out of nothing as a result of a wrong gone test. The Gil you see is really nothing but a pure projection.
It also turned out that they and other superhumans have to fight against supervillain Necros who can kill anyone with a single body contact. If he just touches you even briefly you are dead. Scary thought, isn’t it?
Wanna know how that fight ends? Go and read the book!

Who are the main characters and which is my favorite?
All in all there are three main characters: Gil, Margie and Logan
My personal favorite is Logan who in its one way is a superhuman too with his photographic memory.

How did I like the book?
This book was just plain awesome I couldn’t keep myself from reading it in one day! I wish there will be many more books about Logan Foster to come.

Who is the book for?
People who like adventure starting at 9 and older.

Rating: 20/10

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