Review: The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters

People – this is a MUST read!!! As you know me, I get excited with new books. So when I got my hands on a book which is only supposed to come out towards the end of January, I was thrilled to give it a try. “The Unforgettable Logan Foster” is beyond awesome. It indeed is the best book I’ve ever read so far!!! Funny, sad, thrilling, exciting, adventurous and dangerous – it has it all.

What is the story about?
This story is about Logan Foster who is an orphan since he got lost at Los Angeles International airport when he was three. All attempts to find Logan’s family failed and so he ended up in an orphanage.
He has a photographic memory which freaked out his foster parents and so Logan always ended up back at the orphanage after a few weeks. This is until Margie and Gil adopted him. His first week in his new home was pretty cool because his foster parents letting him do anything he wanted. But after a few days weird things happened, for example one evening when Margie accidentally touched the oven and she didn’t scream or seem hurt but her skin turned to metal. When Logan wandered into his parents’ bedroom he looked into their closet. What he found made him shiver: Gil’s clothes seemed not to have been moved for ages, there is dust all over.
It turned out his new parents are superhumans with secret identities: Margie is an alien from outer space and Gil happened to be made out of nothing as a result of a wrong gone test. The Gil you see is really nothing but a pure projection.
It also turned out that they and other superhumans have to fight against supervillain Necros who can kill anyone with a single body contact. If he just touches you even briefly you are dead. Scary thought, isn’t it?
Wanna know how that fight ends? Go and read the book!

Who are the main characters and which is my favorite?
All in all there are three main characters: Gil, Margie and Logan
My personal favorite is Logan who in its one way is a superhuman too with his photographic memory.

How did I like the book?
This book was just plain awesome I couldn’t keep myself from reading it in one day! I wish there will be many more books about Logan Foster to come.

Who is the book for?
People who like adventure starting at 9 and older.

Rating: 20/10

Review: Breakout by Kate Messner

The town is in peace and quiet. Suddenly alarm signals are interrupting people, rushing themselves inside. Silence creeps back – this time it’s different.

Nora, Lizzy and Elidee are the main characters participating in a time capsule project. They are writing letters about themselves and old Wolf Creek for future residents.

The book “Breakout” by Kate Messner is basically a collection of the letters Nora, Lizzy and Elidee wrote for a time capsule project. 

While they started their project, they soon had to be in lockdown due to two prisoners escaping. The whole town waited for two weeks at home in fear.

They also realize they can’t participate in the annual festival before they move on to become middle schoolers because of the breakout.

Another day in the hunt of the Escapers, Will they be caught today?

When the news come out that the escaped prisoners are suspected to be long gone to another city a few kids gathered up to ask the principal for the annual festival to take place anyhow. After multiple pleas they were able to convince their principle to host the event. He said yes and so the festival began! But when two kids ran out of the woods and report to have seen the two prisoners everyone panicked and people scattered like cockroaches. They rushed to the school building and waited for the authorities to arrive. When the police finally came the officers got advised to “stand by”. This meant that most likely the prisoners were not super close anymore but that the lockdown wasn’t officially over yet either.

The next day the police and searchers only found prints from an escaped cow.
But when Lizzy and Nora turned in evidence that the cow prints could be a very certain way of covering the tracks of the escapers, the police officers were curious and followed up. They found that the clue was true and when two officers finally caught the two prisoners one of them tried to escape and the other one gave up. So that meant the first one was shot dead and the second one arrested.

So as you can imagine everyone was relieved when the two convicted murderers were caught but Wolf Creek wasn’t the same anymore. Read the book to find out why and what Lizzy’s grandmother had to do with all of that.

How did I like the book?
I found the book very interesting. Sometimes it felt very realistic. The letter format was something different but I am not a super fan of it.

Who is that book for?
Kids 10 years and older


Review: Out of my mind by Sharon Draper

Melody is a highly intelligent 5th grader and fellow human but she has a disease – called cerebral palsy – that doesn’t allow her to talk, stand or move. She sits in a wheel chair and communicates with the help of a special devise. Melody is super smart but as she can’t express herself that well others often think she is not bright at all. If she gets something right at school, they say she is just lucky. That is why Melody signs up for a TV quiz show. Their team won the first round but when they had to fly to Washington for the finals, they left Melody behind at the airport. Only when her team lost without her, they realized how important and knowledgeable Melody was. And they felt awful for leaving her stranded at home. Do you think, Melody can forgive her classmates? Read and find out!

Who is my favorite character in the story?
My Favorite is Melody. She truly is a brilliant person.

What is the moral of the story?
It doesn’t matter if people have physical handicaps or look different. They can be as brilliant as everyone else.

How did I like the book?
Simply awesome!

Who would I recommend this book for?
This book really is for everyone from 9 years and older

Rating: 10/10

Review: Unschooled by Allan Woodrow

Hey folks, I am back. After a little break due to recovery and other obligations I am finally back to writing again. I went through many, many books in the meantime – so be prepared there are a few good ones coming along.

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Review: Restart by Gordon Korman

And the winner is: Restart got the most votes out of my book shop mega sale pile and as promissed – here is the review. Before I forget, thanks for participating and helping me pick a book. It always means so much to me if you guys like what I do and give me some feedback.

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Going Crazy in a Book Shop Reloaded – Please Vote for your Favorite!

I went to my favorite book shop last weekend just to find out out they were closing down soon. This makes me so sad!!! The good thing though was, that every single book in the shop was on sale. So my parents bought me like a thousand and gazillion new reads.

This came just in time for my 3 months summer break. Loads of time for reading, right?

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Review: Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White

One day Fern woke up and rushed downstairs. When she didn’t see her dad she asked her mother were he could be. Her mom explained that during the night some pigs had been born and that one of them was too small and weak so they decided to kill it. Fern was outraged. She ran outside just before it was too late and tried to convince her dad that she could take care of the little one and keep it alive. Fern’s Dad eventually agreed. Fern named the little pig Wilbur. Two month later Wilbur found a new home at her uncle’s farm.

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Review: Auggie & Me – Three Wonder Stories by R.J. Palacio

Remember “Wonder”? Certainly one of my favorite books of all time. Well, the book got a sequel. “Auggie & Me – Three Wonder Stories” tells three different sites of this story from kids that are all close to Auggie in some way.

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Review: 5,000 AWESOME FACTS (About Everything)2 by National Geographic

Did you know that there is a CRATER on the surface of Mercury that’s big enough to hold the state of Texas? Or how about this: if you stay at the Jule’s undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida you will SCUBA DIVE to your room! How cool is that? I have one more for you: male pandas do a HANDSTAND while peeing to mark trees.

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Review: Milo Moss Is Officially Un-Amazing by Lauren Allbright

Why would you have a paper towel tower in your livingroom? Dozens of paper planes trying desperate to get the longest throw? Or dress up as a cockroach in the middle of a stadium? Well, Milo and his parents did all of that because it was the family’s dream to get a Guinness World Record. Unfortunately every time they tried, they failed. Is there an award for the most failures? If so, Milo’s family would definitely win this one.

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Review: The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman

It is poetry month in the US, so I thought I could make a review about a special poem from Amanda Gorman.
I got “THE HILL WE CLIMB” from the Easter bunny.
Amanda Gorman became the youngest inaugural poet ever. She performed her poem at the inauguration of Joe Bidden earlier this year. I really liked the poem so I definitely wanted to share this little book with you.

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Review: Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan

Did you know that a Norwegian gold treasure once got rescued by a bunch of kids from the Nazis during World War II? True story! We read “Snow Treasure” at school and I was very impressed how brave and smart Peter Lundstrom and his friends helped to make it happen.

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Review: Die unlangweiligste Schule der Welt – Geisterstunde – von Sabrina J. Kirschner

Kennt ihr schon den gemeinen Schulleiter Horst Schnittlich, den Erfinder des „Schnittlichen Schulregulariums“? Vielleicht die langweilige Lehrerin Frau Penne oder Maxe Zack mit seinem Labrador Makkaroni? Der mutige Klassenrebell wehrt sich zusammen mit Klassengenie Frieda gegen Direktor Schnittlichs üble Machenschaften. Und dann ist da ja auch noch Inspektor Rumpus von der BFLB, der Behörde für Langeweilebekämpfung…

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