Review: Mr. Stink by David Walliams

Mr. Stink is the “stinkiest stinky stinker who ever lived.” No surprise that the tramp is lonely and has no friends. Until Chloe came around…

So what is the story about?

Chloe is 12 and a lonely girl. One day she met the tramp Mr. Stink. Normally no one ever stopped to talk to Mr Stink because he stank very badly. But Chloe stopped anyhow because Mr. Stink looked like he had a good story to tell and Chloe liked nothing more than a good story.
Mr. Stink and Chloe became friends and Chloe invited him to live in their garden shed. Of course mum, who wants to become the next prime minister, wasn’t allowed to know. She wasn’t happy about her daughter’s new buddy. But Chloe wasn’t the only family member hiding a secret. And of course there is much more to Mr. Stink. He is hiding a sad secret, too.

How did I like the book?

The book was great but also had a sad ending. I would have wished for a happier one. I liked that Chloe was so nice and kind. The illustrations by Quentin Blake were also nice.


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