Review: Demon Dentist by David Walliams

Are you scared of the dentist? No? After this book you definetly might be! David Walliams is one of my favorite authors! I love almost all of his books and I also enjoyed this one here.

So what is the story about?

12 year old Alfie’s teeths are in a very bad condition. One day creepy Miss Root, the new dentist, comes to school to have a look at the children’s teeths. Something doesn’t feel right about her. Alfie and his best friend Gabz start to investigate the story behind free sweets and Miss Root’s special tothpaste that burns holes even into stones. To find out why the Tooth Fairy doesn’t leave coins under children’s pillows anymore but why they wake up with dead slugs and spiders instead, Alfie needs to go to an appointment with the creepy dentist…

How did I like the book?

I found the book a little spooky but it was great. The character I liked the most was Alfie. He is a very nice guy and takes good care of his Dad who sits in a wheelchair.
I also liked the ilustrations by Tony Ross.


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