Review: The Terrible Two Go Wild by Mac Barnett

Remember Yawnee Valley? The place where you find More Crows than people? This is the third book of the series “The Terrible Two” or “Miles und Niles” how it is called in German.

Summer holidays. The two friends Miles und Niles built their own hideout in the forest. The two friends are the biggest pranksters of their school. And so, they decided to steel the flag from Yawnee Valley Yelling and Push-Ups Camps and of bully Josh Barkin.
Of course, Josh and his cadets wanted to get their flag back. Kidnapping, torture, threatening. They really tried hard. Will Niles and Miles find the right answer?

How I liked the book?
The book was really fun to read. I loved how Niles and Miles paid back to super bully Josh Barkin – only by using their brains and not their fists. I also liked the illustrations by Kevin Cornell.

Who is this book for?
I would recommend this book for grade 3 and older.

Rating: 10/10

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