Review: Waste of Space by Stuart Gibbs

I hope you all had a great Christmas break. Happy new year! Welcome 2021!

2020 was not the greatest year, but this quote I wanted to share, because it is a very good explanation of last year: “There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.” I personally found 2020 pretty good except Corona/Covid-19 of course. The virus also had good things to it – like everyone learned to have more responsibility than normal and we learned a lot about technology, whether at distance schooling or work. It was also very nice to have more time with my family and of course I had loads of time to read.

My motto for 2021 is: #1 Stay positive. #2 Be respectful to everyone.

Because of the virus we didn’t go away during the break and we only went out to play tennis or to go for walks or biking – so I spent pretty much time inside reading. This book my parents got me as a present on Christmas eve. After reading the Funjungle and Spy School novels and also part of the Moon Base Alpha series, I have to say this book is the best book Stuart Gibbs ever created! I loved it a lot and I got into trouble a couple of times because it was so hard to stop reading to have family dinner or lunch or breakfast or what so ever. I pretty much read it in one go because it was soooo good.

Unfortunately this is the third and last book of the Moon Base Alpha series.

What is the book all about?
When Dashiell’s dad wakes him up on his 13th birthday, Dashiell is excited because his dad takes him out to play catch on the Moon. We know from earlier books of the series that Dashiell with his small sister and his parents went up to live on Moon Base Alpha because his mom and dad are famous scientists. They work at the moon base. So you can’t just walk out of the door. They actually shouldn’t be out there at all but because of his birthday they jumped into their space suits and went outside as a special treat.

Of course Lars Sjoberg, the annoying billionaire who is a real pain in the back, destroyed his birthday party as he was poisoned. So like in the other two books of the series Dashiell has to investigate. But this was not the only trouble. They had to emergency evacuate the space station because the oxygen machine didn’t work anymore. And because this is not enough Dashiell almost got killed as someone took the air pump of his space suite. Looks like he is coming closer to the solution of these mysteries…

How did I like the book?
I think I made this pretty clear already. It is simply AWESOME.

Who is this book for?
The book is quite a thriller, so younger kids might get a bit scared. I would recommend it for kids 9 years and older.

Rating: 10/10

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