Review: “Who is Greta Thunberg” by Jill Leonard

“Our house is on fire” said Greta Thunberg, the young environmental activist at the world economic forum in her speech addressing the world’s leader.

As I mentioned in my last review, I had a great Christmas. I got quite a few new books and one of them was called: “Who is Greta Thunberg”. The Greta book was not the first “Who is/Who was” book I read. There is a book about almost every more or less famous person you can think of.  From Queen Elizabeth to Jesus to Marie Curie or Elton John. The books are short, so you can read them in one go. I used the Greta book as an example for the following reasons:  
1. Greta Thunberg is a great role model.
2. Greta Thunberg is the evidence that not only grownups can change the world, but children can also make an impact.
3. She protests against pollution and fights for nature and the future of us and our planet.
In the book you’ll find out how Greta started a worldwide movement just by herself and how a young girl from Sweden became one of the most famous people in our generation. They also talked about Greta’s Asperger’s and how she stopped speaking and eating until she stood up for nature.

How did I like the book?
I liked the book a lot because I really admire Greta Thunberg.

Who is this book for?
This book is for everyone.

Rating: 10/10

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