Because of the Rabbit by Cynthia Lord

Today I want to try something new. I decided to not only present a book review but also to record me reading a chapter of the book. Do you like that? Do you want me to do that more often?

On the last day of summer holidays Emma’s dad gets a call. Emma’s dad is a game warden. This time Emma tags along with her father. They expect to rescue a wild rabbit but just find a bunny.
Emma convinced her dad that they bring the bunny home. She feels this rabbit is kind of magical. And she needs every support she can get, because the next day she is going to go to a public school for the first time. Before that she was homeschooled. She starts at her new school as a brand new fifth grader. She wants a friend who is reliable, kind, friendly and caring and always on her side. On the first day of school she is paired up with a boy named Jack. He is an animal lover but never can wait for his turn to speak. Jack isn’t really the kind of friend she imagined and Emma is worried that if she is friends with Jack she will ever get a friend like she wished for.
Emma finds help in the stories of her late grandfather, her rabbit Lapi and her rock collection.
This book is about starting over, fitting in, being yourself and keep going.

How did I like the book?
I liked this book very much, because I like Emmas positive attitude toward her new school.

Who is this book for?
This book is for 8 years and older

Rating: 9/10

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