Review: Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan

Did you know that a Norwegian gold treasure once got rescued by a bunch of kids from the Nazis during World War II? True story! We read “Snow Treasure” at school and I was very impressed how brave and smart Peter Lundstrom and his friends helped to make it happen.

Peter was a 12 year old Norwegian boy and one day when he came home from sled riding and having fun, he saw that the mood in town was rather down.

He found out that the Nazis were about to invade Norway and everyone was worried getting the gold treasure out of the country.

Peter’s uncle Victor came up with an idea: All children older than 10 years should carry the gold on their sleds to a special place, burry it in the snow and build a snow man on top for distraction.

At night uncle Victor would come and get the treasure onboard his ship the Cleng Peerson to take it to America.

Of course not everything went according to plan and Peter and his friends got into some trouble with a Nazi commandant. If you want to find out how the kids managed to rescue the treasure you should definitely read the book!

How did I like the book?
I really liked the book although it felt a bit strange to be the German kid in class when Germany is portrait as the evil enemy in the story. Luckily my teacher explained that this has nothing to do with Germany nowadays. It is important to remember what happened back then to make sure it never happens again.

Who is that book for?
This Book is for kids 8 years and older.

Rating: 9/10

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