Review: Stories for Kids who Dare To Be Different by Ben Brooks

Do you know Jessica Cox? She is a pilot who flies without arms. You’ll find out in that book how she can manage and how she learned to fly anyhow.

What is this book all about?
This is a non-fiction book about different people that live now or lived before. They all stood out or stood up. Most of them I didn’t know before. They come from all over the world and have different stories to tell, different talents and goals to reach. They all believed in themselves and most of them are great role models. They never accepted “no” as an answer.
Examples are fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, artist Andy Warhol, actress Whoopi Goldberg and singer Björk – just to mention a few more famous ones (at least my mum thinks they are).
There comes a great drawing from Quinton Winter with each story.

How did I like the book?
I loved this book because the stories were short and really interesting to read. I also liked that they were about real people.

Rating: 10/10

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