Review: Front Desk by Kelly Yang

“My parents told me that America would be this amazing place…”. Front desk is a story based on the real life of the author. It deals with immigration, racism, kindness and courage.  

What is this book all about?
Mia Tang and her parents immigrated from China to USA because it is a free state. All they have is 200 Dollars. So they have to find work quickly.
Although Mr Yao the motel owner is very mean they have no choice but to work for him.
Mia is smart and wants to become a writer. Her mum doesn’t think that this is a great idea. Mia works hard and helps her parents by running the front desk of the motel. They also secretly help other immigrants but of course Mr Yao is not allowed to know.
You should read this book if you want to find out if Mia can make her dreams come true and if the family finds a way to deal with the evil employer.

How did I like the book?
This book got me thinking because it shows you how spoilt we are. Mia and her family have nothing, no little luxuries at all. It reminds you what is really important in life and what is not. We are lucky that we were born in rich and save countries. Life can be very unfair if you have a different passport or if you just look different. But remember – inside we all look the same!

Rating: 10/10

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