Review: 5,000 AWESOME FACTS (About Everything)2 by National Geographic

Did you know that there is a CRATER on the surface of Mercury that’s big enough to hold the state of Texas? Or how about this: if you stay at the Jule’s undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida you will SCUBA DIVE to your room! How cool is that? I have one more for you: male pandas do a HANDSTAND while peeing to mark trees.

5,000 facts like these can be found in this National Geographic kids edition.

In total there are more than 100 chapters on 224 pages in this book where you can find out interesting facts about almost EVERYTHING. About people who took a stand, records, creepy creatures and amazing animals – the book has it all! What I also liked were the photos that illustrate the pages. It feels like they bring all the facts to life.

If you read this book and remember some of the facts it can be guaranteed that you can impress not only your parents.

How did I like the book?
l absolutely love reading this book because I love facts!

Who is this book for?
Kids 8 years and older

Rating 10/10

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